Monday, February 1, 2016

Blocks Breaker!

Blocks Breaker v1.72 is finally released! This update includes a lot of changes. Here are the main UI improvements:

- the menu system was re-designed;
- navigation buttons were added to the choose world and choose level screens. Previously there was no way to go back from these screens without the hardware "back" button;
- level finished and failed dialogs are changed;
- new logo design - now it fits much better to the game :)

Other changes/features? YES! New World 6! Once again you will have to train a lot to pass all the levels.

What do you think about new look & feel? :) I really hope you enjoy it.

This is not the end ;) New worlds (full of levels) will be coming in the next releases.

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Get the Blocks Breaker Android app from SlideME.

Monday, January 4, 2016

New Balls Breaker!

New Year 2016 and new update of the Balls Breaker for Android! :)

The latest version (v1.80) of Balls Breaker includes quite a lot of changes in the UI. First of all the main menu has changed. Strings are now replaced with the icons. Generally, most of the strings in the UI were replaced with the icons. There are also some new "fancy" animations in the main menu and other screens.

In on of the next update you can expect new translations. I hope you will enjoy the new version of the Balls Breaker :)

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Balls Breaker - new World 5 and some fixes!

Just after adding World 4 to Balls Breaker I couldn't stop and I added next new world... World 5! In the same update I have changed the balls skin in World 4 (yeah, now World 4 is much more original :)). I also fixed (oh, I really hope that I fixed it...) some of the crashes.

So, let's play Balls Breaker! I am going to add more features in the next updates :)

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New World 4 in Balls Breaker!

Many of you asked me (for a very long time) for more levels in Balls Breaker. I was thinking a lot how to build new levels. From the very beginning the idea was to create new world, that is similar to others, but the gameplay is different. Different doesn't mean not challenging or not funny :) To be honest it is always hard task :)

Finally, I took the risk and designed new, challenging (I hope :P) World 4! In this world balls mechanic is (again) different than in other worlds. You need to re-thing the strategy of breaking the balls. Difficulty has also changed, because balls are flying around the screen in a little (yes) different way ;)

I hope you will enjoy new World 4 in Balls Breaker. World 4 is not the last world. I am going to add more worlds soon.

There will be also some other changes (good changes :)) in the next updates. Yes, game is not dead, it is still under development :)

As usual, thank you all for the support. I really appreciate it. This is something that motivates me.


And.. link :)

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Leaderboard and achievements in Magic Jewels!

It was a busy time :) I just released a new version of Magic Jewels v1.80. There are quite a lot of changes. First of all I have added integration with Google Play. Now you can sign in with your Google account. When you are signed in you can compete with all the players around the world. You can also collect achievements. There will be more achievements in the future :)

Yes! Leaderboard and achievements are the biggest changes in this update.

There are some new options available in the main menu screen:

- sign in/sign out  - you will be automatically signed in on the game start, but you can always sign out and you will still be able to play the game;

- leaderboard - see the online scores;

- achievements - see the achievements;

You can also see your game progress from the level finished/failed screens.

Ps. Don't worry, signing in is not something "required". If you don't want to be signed in, just sign out from the main menu :) You can still play the game without signing in.

I hope you will like this update. In the one of the next updates, hopefully, I am going to add new levels and worlds. So, lets get some achievements :)

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